l’immagine provocata a Milano

Image inside the image, photograph inside the image or photograph inside the photograph.

Google Street View was launched on May 25 in 2007 and is available in Italy since October 29, 2008. Millions of “frozen” images are available for those who may be interested in it. A non-stop camera immortalized at precise times, in specific dates (because of this, subjects are circumscribed and selected) the most part of urban and rural spaces, of Europe and of the whole planet.

I’ve started using this limitless archive of digital images, collected by Google, for professional reasons, because of my job as a urban planner, until I realized that it was possible to accomplish compositive choices within this figurative patrimony. So I’ve started touching off images, obtaining reasoned images, exploiting this enormous visual endowment. This is a first journey through many suburbs of the city of Milan, seeking photographies inside images.

This is just the beginning of this trip; I attach a short selection of photographies (or “touched off images”); I attained to few guidelines that allowed me to obtain a logical, well-framed output:

1 – unseen milanese landscape;

2 – real but unexpected moments, catched by the Google car;

3 – recent architectonic intervention with good aesthetic qualities but in a state of decay.


Photos from Google – Google and the Google logo are registered trademarks of Google Inc., used with permission.

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